My art education was stunted by a spiteful, dispassionate, uninspiring high school art "teacher" who hated to see joy in his classroom. I was kicked out regularly, my parents were called in frequently, and he attempted to expel me from the course by framing me for "stealing" one of his exacto knives. But I'm not bitter, I'm just stating the facts. This experience stalled my growth, but wasn't enough to keep me from the craft of creation for the rest of my life. I finally found my way back to art (specifically sculpture) in NYC, and I have been acquiring knowledge and skills wherever possible since then. From contemporary masters in Italy to the mid-aged hobbyist down the block, I take whatever I can get. 


SHCP High School (San Francisco): 08/07 - 12/07

The Art Students League (NYC): 01/17 - 05/17

Florence Academy of Art (Italy): 09/18 - 06/19

MC Community Center (NYC): 09/21 - 12/21